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Fastozo Website Builder Partnership

Hello! I'm the founder of the Fastozo project - a simple drag and drop website builder platform. It's a brand new startup project, you can check out the complete list of features here:

The website was created in January 2021. but it's already showing promise in both SEO capabilities and user satisfaction. It even got featured on websites like Producthunt, Financesonline, Comparecamp, etc.

I think it can still be improved, and it has a lot of potential. However, it's a bootstrap project and I'm on a very limited budget, but I'm exploring different options and ways how to improve my website and I'm looking to partner up with someone that can help me grow my business.

I really think my website builder is up to par with the best ones. Since I have a quality product that can be monetized, I'm willing to partner up with the right people that can share my business and eventually share the profits.

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