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Looking for partner, reseller or agency to expand already profitable business is a studio with architects, designers, and 3D artists. Over the past few years we have developed various solutions that help our clients to lease and sell their properties faster. Our best clients are real estate companies, property management agencies, property developers, and marketing agencies.

We already collaborate with a few European companies and one company from Singapore. We are looking to expand our business to the United States, Australia, and other European countries. So we are looking for a partner, reseller or agency in order to offer our services to other countries.

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Looking for a Partner or Sales Representative

Czeth is a startup consulting company based in the Philippines and our main business are Accounting Managed Services, Payroll Managed Services, Tax Compliance, IT Management and Business Registration. The team behind has an extensive knowledge in local labor law for Accounting and Taxation and Global knowledge in payroll for country such as Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines.

We are open now for a partner that are willing to invest and introduce our business Locally and Globally especially in terms of payroll. Looking forward for a referral of a Global client that willing to outsource their payroll in the Philippines. Our Pricing is guaranteed low with a reliable services that can you surely trust.

Visit us at or call us +639 26 6625177

Thank you!


looking for a business partner with experience in hedge fund or trading industry


I'm a 17+ years experienced technology guy and 11+ years in business have prepared
a) strategic plan of activities that are to be done related to a hedge fund.

I'm looking for partners with experience in "market trading", "technical, fundamental analysis", "quant", "hedge fund investments" as experience.

You can reach me at | +61-452-631-832 to discuss further

Thank you

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bespoke software development firm looking for partners

Hi! I am a co-owner of a bespoke software development firm in Cape Town, South Africa (+/- 50 employees). We have a number of blue-chip multi-national clients and 6 years of experience in building large scale .net platforms and mobile apps in the financial services and retail industries. We run a number of cross-border projects from the UK, Australia, etc. but have very limited US exposure although we have registered a US business entity. We simply do not have local representation. If I understand your ad correctly you are looking for .net resources to help you develop a project to completion, on risk. Perhaps there is a conversation to be had to explore us providing resources and helping you bring your vision to market in exchange for an introduction to potential software projects. Not sure if this is something that you would be interested in exploring if so let me know and I can set up a Zoom/Teams call at a time that suits you? Best to reach me at

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Co-Founder for Matchmaking Company

Co-Founder for Matchmaking Company

This is a search for a Co-founder who is interested in building jointly the idea to start an international matchmaking company for single and divorced men in Western Countries.The co-founder will help recruit the Bachelors, ensure background and health checks are cleared by the Bachelors, and also help with ensuring the smooth virtual aspect of the program while we handle the on-ground work with the Maidens at the Academy from this other side of the globe.The Co-Founder will ideally be from the US, Germany, the UK, Australia or Sweden. For potential Co-Founders from the US, if you are a resident of New York, it is a plus as we are looking to launch a presence there.If you think you have what it takes to be a Co-Founder for an international Matchmaking Company for single and divorced elites, then please do reach out.Thank you.

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Looking for Individual for Expansion of my Existing Business

Hi we are India Based Agency Office in USA, providing Software Development and Digital Marketing Services.

I want business partner from USA, Canada, Mexico, UK and Australia.

No Investment required, only we need full support to generate leads and convert it to sale and get best revenue.

Reply me asap then we will discuss further.
WatsApp : 9971199806

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Investor partner needed for new project ideas,

I'm seeking an intelligent investors who thinking out of the box for more than new projects ideas in variety of business fields ,
1) An app for a product which circulating more than 200K $ per annum serve customer globally with no competition as no one yet provide such service what so ever such service .
2) A crypto project for anew currency serving sellers and buyers globally in new way serving the new era we are all heading to
3) We all know how big companies record a huge losses and suffer in managing stuff and goods this project I'm offering will solve this issue with a technological solution every shop who deals with customer and goods will eagerly need it preventing stealing and eas managing stock.
Direct contact through cell,whatsapp , BOTIM : +201224572211
Skype: hkenawy23
Email :

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high-performing, and experienced development teams

We are a group of experienced CTOs and Co-founders in Turkey and Iran. Our goals are creating talented, high-performing, and experienced development teams with low prices to create high-quality software with competitive pricing in the market. We are experts in creating development teams based on customer needs. As you know, for a mid-level Russian company, you have to pay $4500 to $5500 monthly for a senior developer, and in a professional Indian company, you have to pay $3500 to $4500. In Europe, Australia, or the USA, the prices are even more. However, we can create development teams at the prices mentioned below: ● $2500 to $3000 is paid to a Team Leader ● $2000 to $2500 is paid to a Senior Developer ● $1500 to $2000 is paid to a Mid Developer ● $1000 to $1500 is paid to a Junior Developer ● In the current situation caused by Covid-19, having cheaper and efficient developers may enable you to save your investment. I will send you our group's presentation.

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Looking for Partner

I am highly experienced person in GIS field & partner with a companies in India.I am looking for a company from US, Canada, Europe, Australia, which wants to outsource wok to India in GIS, Software Development, Mobile app development, Web development, Call center activities etc. You can whatsapp (*91-9627242337) email -, Skype (hitnim) for further discussion

Online Lottery Syndicate Business Partnership

Hello everyone,

I am looking for long-term business partnership with a marketing wizard, be that an experienced individual or a company.

The business, which I am offering to be a co-owner of, is an online Australian lottery syndicate.

It’s designed to operate globally that gives its members a unique chance to participate in playing the largest Australian lottery systems ( up to the System 20, for instance), offering them much higher possibilities of winning Division One (Jackpot) prizes.

Our uniqueness comes from our offering – no other of our competitors gives their customers such an opportunity of increasing their winning odds - the larger a group of lotto numbers ( known as “systems”), the higher chances of matching all the winning numbers required to hit a jackpot.

Our proposition is to give a prospective partner 30 % of our business equity in return to his / her marketing efforts.

Should all the above look attractive I can be reached out via email:

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