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Looking for a business partner to launch an innovative interior design agency

I am looking for a professional with experience in the startup world interested in a startup focused on interior design. I am building an agency that connects new and established designers with people looking for a design professional. It will support the interior designers with bookkeeping, marketing, finding clients, building their business, managing projects, and the main connection between the designer and client to keep things flowing and on track.

I am looking for a co-founder who can take care of the business development side and management, as I have the design background. My ideal cofounder should have a tech or business development background but it is not a must if you are passionate about building a new innovative design agency.

I have lots to bring to the table including the unique concept, existing client base, and profit-sharing as compensation to the right partner.

I am located in New York, NY. If interested please e-mails me at

Interior Design 

Investment Group

Investment Notification.
I represent a group of Arabs investors who wished to invest significant funds into big projects, in a stable economy.
Due to political instability and insecurity in their country, these private investors currently reside in my country.
Meanwhile, below are areas in which these private investors really want to inject their funds:
1. Real Estate.
2. Renewable Energies.
3. New Technologies Of Information And Communication.
4. Tourism.
5. Air Navigation.
6. Loan
(a) Do you have any big project (s) related to the above mentioned areas?
(b) Does your country accept Arab investors?

If your answer is "YES" for my two questions above, please contact me at (
for more details.
Dr. Richmond Alison.

I am a private investor with capital to invest

I am a private investor with capital to invest and i am looking for a
profitable business i can invest into,any one who is interested should
please get in contact.In mind, I am looking for the following lines of
business which are of my primary interest : Hotels, Residential
Villas, Hospitals, Schools, Hyper Markets, Super markets, Retail Chain
Outlets, Shops, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Coffee Shops,
Construction, Oil and Gas Trading, Commercial, Office Villas, Plots,
Lands For commercial development, Saloon, Fashion Shops, Event Show
Organizations, Mining -Real estate etc.
my contact email below # .Whatsapp Contact:+237 651-895-901 or

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Co-Founder for Matchmaking Company

Co-Founder for Matchmaking Company

This is a search for a Co-founder who is interested in building jointly the idea to start an international matchmaking company for single and divorced men in Western Countries.The co-founder will help recruit the Bachelors, ensure background and health checks are cleared by the Bachelors, and also help with ensuring the smooth virtual aspect of the program while we handle the on-ground work with the Maidens at the Academy from this other side of the globe.The Co-Founder will ideally be from the US, Germany, the UK, Australia or Sweden. For potential Co-Founders from the US, if you are a resident of New York, it is a plus as we are looking to launch a presence there.If you think you have what it takes to be a Co-Founder for an international Matchmaking Company for single and divorced elites, then please do reach out.Thank you.

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freight brokerage/agency

I own a freight brokerage/agency in NY and Florida; freight volume at about $7.2 mil. a yr. Looking at revenues at 11,000 per week. I need a short term/long term investment to offset expense and payroll, allow receivables

freight brokerage 

Looking for partners for an established podcast station

I am a business media-preneur with interests in financial markets, trading, and economy. I run a podcast station that has different formats for business, finance, and economics. I am seeking partner(s) to help grow my station or find alternative ways to produce income. I am also open to partner with media professionals who have their own stations or work in broadcasting. My goal is to attain financing to expand more podcasts under my podcast network, attain marketing, promotional and branding partners. Ideally, I am looking for someone located in New York City, but the location is not a deal-breaker. I have a lot to bring to the table in addition to profit sharing and/or equity as compensation to the right partner.
Feel free to e-mail me at for more information.

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Venue Sourcing Company Business Partner

After 20 years in the hospitality industry, I wanted to establish my own business. I recentely started a venue sourcing business in the UK. I am looking to partner with someone who also has a hotel background, or experience with sourcing hotels and venues globally. This partner will be base in North America near a major metropolitan market. This partner will enjoy business development and networking within his/her network of contacts to bring active clients to the business. I already have a database of 100,000 potential clients from working in the Hospitality Industry for 20 years in the USA. The right person will also possess business acumen, have a self-started attitude, be punctual and professional. The business will be home-based and will involve minimal running expenses. If interested, please respond to this post with your interest and background information to start a conversation. Thank you, Simona

Venue Sourcing Hospitality Industry CMP North America Global Business 

Looking for a business partner in tourism industry

My business is already established as an inbound tour company and also has earned a fine reputation through many excellent reviews, as a business owner I have been working in the tourism industry for the last 5 years and enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences. Most of that time has been spent guiding travelers, organizing tours.
Currently, I'm operating tailor-made tours for ages from 40-70, most customers coming from the USA, now I need to expand my business to USA market directly with some American partner(long-term) for operating small group tours my target market is young/Gap year travelers age limit is 18-35. I want to operate this around, Bali, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Fiji or Seychelles. full of Culture, adventure, and fun mind-blowing tours.
I would like to give full authorize for my partner to operate my business in there, manage my business, hire brand ambassadors for promoting my business over universities, maybe open a small office in there, etc, I don't care partner is Men or Women but much better from California, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas or Florida because most universities are located there and very easy for market.
My contact email is

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Looking for individuals experienced in programming and web design

Looking For All Individuals Experienced In Programming, web Design, C++ To Partnerup And Write Code For The Next Worldwide Social Network. Think's self-streaming section coupled with Youtube's interface as far as selectivity along with the friendly interactions of Facebook all in a setting that has never been seen before with options to interact that helps build real-life friends. The setting is family friendly and everyone EYES every one else. I am a serious business individual and am looking for others just as serious to do this. I look forward to your responses

web programming web-design social 

Looking For A Business Partner

Looking for help with a new startup business that aim toward helping people get out of though financial situations.

microloan startup finance