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Looking for individuals experienced in programming and web design
Looking For All Individuals Experienced In Programming, web Design, C++ To Partnerup And Write Code For The Next Worldwide Social Network. Think's self-streaming section coupled with Youtube's interface as far as selectivity along with the friendly interactions of Facebook all in a setting that has never been seen before with options to interact that helps build real-life friends. The setting is family friendly and everyone EYES every one else. I am a serious business individual and am looking for others just as serious to do this. I look forward to your responses

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Looking For A Business Partner
Looking for help with a new startup business that aim toward helping people get out of though financial situations.

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Looking For business partners to launch Online Dating Site
Hi there!
I am looking for partners for an online dating service similar to POF. It is free for the females but it cost the males only $5 a month. Anyone interested in partnering up?

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Looking For Commercial Real Estate Partner
Looking For Commercial Real Estate Partner To Split Deals With 50 50. I Am New To Comm RE. (Multi Family, office, And Retail.
If you have experience in making commercial real-estate, that would be great. One day I want to be independent commercial real estate person. For now, I need a apprentice not the tv show. Your help would be great.

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Looking for a co-founder for crypto project
The idea of my project is a new painless way to invest into crypto. The worst thing with any investment is when you lose money.
This is basically a new development on the top of DCA method. Very high level, it is going to be an app (or a service) that allows users to deposit small amounts of money over long period of time. I was thinking of different options. It can be as simple as investing change from each of your credit card transactions. Or you can schedule to deposit negligible amounts of money randomly, depending on you risk tolerance level. The invested amounts can be so small that you won't feel any impact on you budget. Another idea, if you feel you a not a disciplined investor, you can make a decision to invest for a long period time (e.g. 5 years) without an option to withdraw it earlier.

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Looking for Business Development Partner (Cyber Security)
Professional consulting Cyber Security firm seeks a full time Business Development Partner based in New York.
Full commission payout aligned with industry standards, and directly linked to performance.
This position is best suited for a professional with a strong background in sales, marketing, and business development. It involves networking at the executive level on a national and global basis. You will work closely with the partners to expand the company's client base, and be a self-reliant, high performing contributor, surrounded by a supportive team of professionals.

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Why is it so hard to find a co-founder for my projects??
When I have a cool idea, nobody is interested in it. When someone is running more or less successful startup, it is almost impossible to join him. Even though I have a lot to bring to the table. Just interested in bouncing off ideas and see where it goes. I have a few ideas that I am working on. One is related to data storage/encryption in the cloud.

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Looking for a Startup Partner

I've been building a new project, a startup company that merges urbanism and technology -- and looking for a partner in NYC to build it with. Am getting tired of trying to do it by myself. Maybe you are an expert in business or tech or fundraising. Let me know what you think! Me: mid 30s, business owner. You: open to all.

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