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Looking for Business Partner (Any Region)

Anyone interested in generating income, living a comfortable life, getting out of the rat race can go ahead and partner with us. We are a Software house specialized in building and working on all sorts of projects related to Logo's, Websites, Marketing and mobile applications. We are a team based in US and Pakistan and are very transparent we are looking to expand and capture markets all over the world. For further information reach out to me over WhatsApp as it will be convenient to connect at: +1 206-208-2945.

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Looking for a US Based Partner

Hi, I'm looking to partner with someone who is living in the United States and is also amazing at selling.

My Messenger Marketing Agency develops amazing chatbots integrated with an omnichannel system providing solutions to restaurants, Shopify stores and online product launches.

I make use of mobile wallet integrations to offer loyalty programs linked to reputation management flows perfect for restaurants and similar business models. Also, there is a chatbot that takes care of order taking with payments and can manage deliveries and curbside pickups.

For product launches, I was part of the Messenger Marketing Experts team that helped Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi earn more than $6.9 million dollars in sales and was marked as the most successful Messenger Marketing campaign to date! Case Studies can be provided.

I need someone who can invest or is smoking hot in sales.

Product prices ranges are between $3,000 - $25,000 or more depending on the size of their required audience.

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Looking for software engineer

We are looking for a software engineer who can work as an agent of our team.
The candidates should have software engineering skills to communicate with the clients.
They won't need to do the development, our team will handle all the development process.
They will spend only a few hours a week and take 10~30% commission of each transaction we have from the clients.
Candidates should be authorized to work in the United States.

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Healthcare professionals laboratory partnership business for Bangladesh

I have a hospital mamlands (nursing home and clinic) clinic at the address below. Please provide me with easy terms like portable digital X-ray machine, 4D color ultrasound machine, 12 channel ECG machine, 1.5 ton CT scan machine, laboratory analyzer etc. for expansion.
Hospital Mamlands Nursing Home & Clinic
License Number - HSM12800(Applied)
Name - Ahmed Mahfuz Amin
House No – 43; Road No - 01,
Dhap, Jail Road, Medical more, Rangpur, Bangladesh
Mobile No.: +880 01917172727

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Temporary Partner for Rapid Investment

We need a temporary partner for completing the rest funding of our Energy transport process. We are an established Energy Company for transportation of Natural Gas.

Mobile: +201029846158
WhatsApp: +201029846158

bespoke software development firm looking for partners

Hi! I am a co-owner of a bespoke software development firm in Cape Town, South Africa (+/- 50 employees). We have a number of blue-chip multi-national clients and 6 years of experience in building large scale .net platforms and mobile apps in the financial services and retail industries. We run a number of cross-border projects from the UK, Australia, etc. but have very limited US exposure although we have registered a US business entity. We simply do not have local representation. If I understand your ad correctly you are looking for .net resources to help you develop a project to completion, on risk. Perhaps there is a conversation to be had to explore us providing resources and helping you bring your vision to market in exchange for an introduction to potential software projects. Not sure if this is something that you would be interested in exploring if so let me know and I can set up a Zoom/Teams call at a time that suits you? Best to reach me at

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Seeking Technical Cofounder for EdTech startup

Hello! I am seeking a technical cofounder to help in building a mobile app that helps high school students. TF is a gamified platform that engages and inspires high school students in their career and personal development goals so they can have a great future. The idea comes from seeing many bright young people without appropriate career planning waste time and money on education that simply was not a good fit for their professional and personal interests.

I am a PhD candidate in biology and an MS candidate in statistics. I have also had experience in sales and analytics in Silicon Valley tech companies and startups. I am a very logical fact-based person but also friendly and empathetic with high emotional intelligence. I am hoping to develop a great relationship and find someone with web or mobile development experience. For the time being I am focusing on a minimum viable product, so I am open to various skill levels. Please get in touch at

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hello ,I looking for a partner sales and service in mobile phones and related IT accessories and mobile money service.The busisness will be located in Botswana,Gaborone.

For more details

Whatsapp: +26773156241 or email:

Funding for novel drug treats liver fibrosis

I am independent researcher called Mohammed Ahmed. I have a project for treatment of liver fibrosis. I had developed an innovative molecule for treatment of liver fibrosis. Efficacy and safety of my innovative molecule were proved by 3 phases of trials. Preclinical, clinical phase 1 and clinical phase 2. I am seeking to be funded as a partnership. This is for making my project a breakthrough via making the innovative molecule a brand for treatment of liver fibrosis.

Mobile: +201029846158

Seeking business partner for a new app

Seeking a business partner with experience in programming apps for iPhone/Android. This is a major business opportunity in the retail sector. If you are interested please email me at I have experience in business and have run an import-export company, real estate business, and a landscaping business. I can handle sales and marketing but I need someone to finish the implementation which was initially done by the offshore team

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