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Venture capital/existing business finanance

My name is David Gichane, Valued Team Member of PLAN B Funding Options, based in Miami, Florida, USA. We are specialized consultants in the provision of Loans and Venture Capital to new and existing businesses, and projects all over the world.
Contact us today with details on your financial requirements, contact details, purpose of the funds, and amount required, for us to evaluate and revert back as soon as possible.

David Gichane
Plan B Funding Options,
4800 SW 102 Ave.
Florida 33165

Business partnership

I am looking for reputable foreign investors from around the world to come and partner with me in any field of business that may be of interest to them...The areas of possible investments range from
1.mining of precious and semi-precious minerals
2.mining of Iron Ore,Bauxite,Platinum,,ect.
3.Exploration of oil and gas both on shore and off shore
4.Establishment of large-scale agricultural plantations.
5.Establishment of Agro-based industries.
6.Involvement in the infrastructural development of the country
7.Establishing an operational airline service both for west African region and for international routes
8.Establishing a hospitality industry for the promotion of Tourism
9.Import-Export international trading activities
10.Opening an office in sierra leone for the buying and exports of both gold and diamond
The range and scope of business ventures that are within our reach for mutual exploitation is huge

Looking for partnership and Funding for a Clean Cooking Solution Business

Kainos Green Energy is registered startup company that specializes in providing Clean Energy Solutions in Zambia. Currently seeking partnership and funding for the Clean cooking Solution. The clean Cooking energy involves the production and selling of clean cooking fuel from waste and manufacturing of Clean Cook-stoves. Our target market is the peri-urban households in Zambia(Sub Sahara Africa) with 500,000 households targeted who are using biomass as main cooking energy source due to increased load-shedding and high electricity tariffs.
We are looking for a partner with experience in raising funds for renewable energy projects.
For further details of about the venture kindly contact Blessing Gondwe on email:

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Restaurant and water world complex

We are looking for an investor interested in making an investment in a restaurant and water world project in South Africa. There is a big demand for recreation facilities in this area. This guarantee good financial return. Looking forward working with serious investors in this interesting venture.

Seeking Investors in for their own Health and Others

We're planning to create a strong network that prioritises the health of everyone including themselves. The products we market are quality ingredients and study-proven to be one of the best in the supplement industry. We value health and are only looking for investors who care about their health, as well as others.

You will be required to understand the product. We aren't sharing for money, we're sharing for health. You must understand what the consumer requires, for example: fibre for digestion, calcium for bones, etc. or expand the network for others who seek to invest in health.

Remember, we want continuous commission, meaning the consumer needs to be ordering on a monthly basis to obtain the benefits. Seek only for consumers you know need for their health or seek to invest, it's pointless otherwise.

Countries are limited to US, CA, AU, NZ, HK, CN, JP, TW, KR, SG, MX, MY, PH, NL, UK, TH, FR, BE, CO, ID, DE, ES, RO, and IT.

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Business Partner (Drywall Company)

We are seeking a Business partner for a new venture. We are a Construction Contractor and would like to expand to Drywall. We are looking for an individual experienced in Drywall Estimating and familiar with the field as well.We will be bidding commercial project mostly and are licences in RI, MA, CT, FL, NH, VT & ME. We are not looking for to sub out work. We would work together daily to achieve our goal. Please call to discuss @ 401-473-1244

Alcohol Counter-actor

Hello, I researched and developed natural elements for the past 10 years, which lead me to this venture; a unique, innovative novel product, I called DeTrip. I envisage this product to be sold all over the USA, UK, EU and everywhere in the world where people consume alcohol. The objective is to launch the company/product in the USA and from there globally; The US offer the highest rate for success, my US supplier has independently proven reserve amounts of 53,700,000 tons (main ingredient), the largest and highest-grade deposits in the United States. I foresee this to be a multi Dollar enterprise as more than 7million sales points has already been identified. DeTrip is a unique product decreasing the effects of alcohol consumption. Once all regulatory approval is done, DeTrip would be made available in 2 capsules packed and afterwards a functional beverage. When taken, one becoming less intoxicated preventing a "Hangover" Seek Equity Investor. See:

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Urgently seeking Business in Thailand

Foreigner wants to start or partner in an existing Massage/ Wellness/ Restaurant business in Thailand ideally with a Thai partner. I am a globally successful senior level corporate executive marketing and business consultant have had handled many successful professional assignments in 3 decades long career across several continents. I will invest, will give my full time and efforts to ensure the success and sustainable growth of the business. Any profitable or struggling business venture is highly welcome. Owner may contact me. WhatsApp +919704214459.or +93783707036

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Looking for investment for a travel agency on a famous beach on the coast of Brazil

I’m looking for investment for a travel agency on a famous beach on the coast of Brazil. Jericoacoara beach is a national park surrounded by dunes, beautiful beaches. Region rich in natural beauty, sought by people from all over the world. We need investment for the land tour agency and expansion of the agency in the area of receptive and transfer. Ensured profitability and other advantages we offer.

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Seeking Web Development Partner for Startup in Advertising

Hello, my partner and I am working on launching a website targeting the advertising industry. We expect to charge $15 per user and register 30,000 users or more in the first year and even more as the site grows. My partner is an ASP.Net web developer, and we are seeking another person like him to help progress our site for launch. We prefer a partner that is experienced with ASP.Net (C# - MVC), but we would also consider a financial partner that can help us hire some help we need to get to completion. If you are a web developer or investor, and you are looking for a startup opportunity, please send me a private message for more information on this venture.

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