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1 hour bitcoin and cryptocurrency consultation ($1,000 per hour)

My name is Sam Johnson and I am the founder of Ether Investments where we invest in a better universe. We are a private equity firm that directs capital to innovative and forward thinking organizations promoting a better world. We are offering a unique consultation experience to new cryptocurrency investors where I will guide you in opening an Exodus cryptocurrency wallet. Exodus has no sign up process and can be secured with a unique 12 word phrase which is used as the key to your wallet. I will show you how to buy bitcoin easily and convert it into digital tokens which are currently experiencing returns of more than 1,500% APY. After our initial consultation I'd like to invite you to join our private discord server where we discuss valuable cryptocurrency investing tips daily where you can ask me questions. Contact me today to schedule a consultation or inquire about our 9.99/m Ether Investments basic membership.
Cell: (310)309-0640

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