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looking for a business partner to raise the capital and launch a unique reusable food carrier

I am looking for a special entrepreneur who will be capable to raise the capital in the $Ms and launch an interesting new concept of a reusable, returnable, insulated food carrier called the CaterBox.

CaterBox is a unique reusable food carrier specially created to provide, at home, without any hassle freshly prepared food that is served hot, safe to eat, and completely table ready. The CaterBox has successfully passed the first stage of prototyping. Significant improvements are possible with numerous valuable patents.

I have a unique go-to-market strategy and a vision on how to expand worldwide, with units licensed or company-owned, becoming a large chain of the true Ready-Meal. Some years ago, using my own retirement saving I did launch a company just to test the market. The results were just phenomenal. They mostly loved the convenience, the practicality, the class, and the low cost.

Feel free to e-mail me at for more information.

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