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Looking for a business partner for a unique innovative Product
Hello, I researched and developed natural elements for the past 10 years, which lead me to this venture; a unique, innovative novel product, I called this SoberUp. I envisage this product to be sold all over the USA, UK, EU and everywhere in the world where people consume alcohol. The objective is to launch the company/product in the USA and from there globally for several reasons; The US offer the highest rate for success, my US supplier has independently proven reserve amounts of 53,700,000 tons, the largest and highest-grade deposits in the United States. I do foresee this to be a Bn Dollar enterprise as more than 7million sales points has already been identified. SoberUp is a unique product decreasing the effects of alcohol consumption. Once all negotiations with manufacturers and regulatory approval done, SoberUp would be made available in 2 capsules packed and afterwards a functional beverage if the market requires it. When taken, one becoming less intoxicated prevent hangover.

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