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Call center partner

Dear Sirs,
I’m Denys from Essen, Germany.
I have been working for more than 15 years in the sphere of customer support in Germany. I’ve had a great experience in working with different projects as OBI, eBay, Tchibo and many others. I had been promoted from an operator of a call center to a project manager for less than 5 years. I had more than 200 subordinates in my team.
Two years ago I launched my call center, Olmanale. We are currently work with the projects as Expertcloud (inbound calls and e-mails), Mirano media (outbound calls), OVB (sales of insurances) in the German language. We are an outsoursing call center. We work with call center programs easily (CRM, IP-phone and others). My staff can communicate in German, English and Russian freely.
My staff attitude seriously to our projects and work hard to supply a perfect service to customers.
I’m looking for a partner who can supply projects and I can provide staff and equipment.

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