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Entrepreneurs seek partner with IT background

We are a small eCommerce startup in the conceptual and developmental stages of our business. We are seeking a third partner with a general background in IT (web design, development, social media, SEO, etc) to join our team in this exciting new project. We are based in Miami, FL, and would prefer to work with someone local. This is not a job offer nor a resume solicitation, it is an offer to hear our project out and become an equity partner in the business.

About the project: eCommerce retailer selling own product and aggregated content. Focus on user/customer experience. This opportunity deals with women's apparel.

eCommerce deals startup 

USA based partner for local marketing, sales, contracts, outreach and more

If you need someone in the United States to help you get on the market, I am here for you
12 + years of marketing, digital marketing, sales experience
Team of 5, certified experts
Local in Florida, San Diego and can cover entire USA

Website for your business in the states
SEO (search engine optimiztion)
Products, services
Sales, support (to talk to new clients, or take care of old clients)
Social Media + Digital marketing (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, other channels)
Video creation, editing
Podcast, webinars - be online and stay online
Email marketing to businesses across the USA
Linkedin outreach to business owners / decision makers
Bookkeeping, accounting, PDF, excel editing

and much more

Let's talk

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Looking for partner, reseller or agency to expand already profitable business is a studio with architects, designers, and 3D artists. Over the past few years we have developed various solutions that help our clients to lease and sell their properties faster. Our best clients are real estate companies, property management agencies, property developers, and marketing agencies.

We already collaborate with a few European companies and one company from Singapore. We are looking to expand our business to the United States, Australia, and other European countries. So we are looking for a partner, reseller or agency in order to offer our services to other countries.

business development 


Investment notification.
I represent a group of investors who wanted to invest significant funds in large projects, in a stable economy.
Due to political instability and insecurity in their country, these private investors currently reside in my country.

please contact us for more information

Looking for a business partner to launch an innovative interior design agency

I am looking for a professional with experience in the startup world interested in a startup focused on interior design. I am building an agency that connects new and established designers with people looking for a design professional. It will support the interior designers with bookkeeping, marketing, finding clients, building their business, managing projects, and the main connection between the designer and client to keep things flowing and on track.

I am looking for a co-founder who can take care of the business development side and management, as I have the design background. My ideal cofounder should have a tech or business development background but it is not a must if you are passionate about building a new innovative design agency.

I have lots to bring to the table including the unique concept, existing client base, and profit-sharing as compensation to the right partner.

I am located in New York, NY. If interested please e-mails me at

Interior Design 

Let's make it better - FREE MARKETING - read below

My last post was on what I can do for business, but let's step it up
FOR US based business
I will do email, social media, digital marketing for FREE for a full month and all I ask is for commission on sales
If you have good service/ product I will include sales person as well

Requirements in order to work with you:
- Have Facebook or Google ads setup already and a budget of at least $10/ day (so you don't pay me, you use it for ads)
- Have a working business ( no fresh and brand new idea that you think it will work, nope) with products or services that you have sold
- Have a working website that I can see and review
- Send me your website, phone and availability for a meeting

If you qualify send me an email, let's schedule a meeting and I will do a lot of free marketing

digital markeintg sales usa business investor 

Be a Channel Partner of Zool Ad Network and Earn USD 5000 per month

A multinational company is looking to setup a contact office any location in the country and provide Channel Partnership Rights.

A great opportunity to work with a growing company in the time of Corona and earn USD 5000 per month. The year 2020 has given a great opportunity for digital marketing industry.

Trusted by more than 70,000 clients around the globe and office presence in 27 countries.

Visit: dpriti&utm_medium=clicks&utm_campaign=channelpartnerprogram

Zool Ad Network digital marketing industry great opportunity 

Trade manufacturing company partner for business Expansion of services and goods to new sales markets

GreenWay LTD, s.r.o.
Represents products of its own production.
Board for construction
Furniture panel for wall covering
Pallet board
Hardwood charcoal briquette Beech, Oak, Ash, Wood, Birch
Pellets ENplus A1 6 mm
Wooden packaging for organic products
New !!!
Disposable Express box for barbecue preparation.
With our logistics partners, we deliver our products directly to the customer.
Check out our production products on our website
https: //

Pallet EPAL  Lumber production Startup production express box barbecue Biofuel production wood pellets  hardwood coal briquettes. Wooden packaging 

Flower and Property Estate

For all of you business owners that want to get to Angola - Very affordable quality solutions.

First Project Florist
Angola is in the base of booming in terms of agriculture. I am setting up a florist here in Angola and it would be a great honour to find a partner from abroad who would also like to invest in the African waters.

Second Project Property Investment
In the UK there is a scheme of rent to buy. I would like to bring this scheme here in Angola. The idea is to buy houses below the market refurbish and allow people who do not have sufficient funds to pay directly to firstly rent for maximum years then buy.

Please I am looking for these two industries. You can get in contact with me on my email address:

agriculture  property estate 

Venture capital/existing business finanance

My name is David Gichane, Valued Team Member of PLAN B Funding Options, based in Miami, Florida, USA. We are specialized consultants in the provision of Loans and Venture Capital to new and existing businesses, and projects all over the world.
Contact us today with details on your financial requirements, contact details, purpose of the funds, and amount required, for us to evaluate and revert back as soon as possible.

David Gichane
Plan B Funding Options,
4800 SW 102 Ave.
Florida 33165