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Looking for a co-founder to start a travel buisness

I am looking for a co-founder who is a travel enthusiast and would like to opt for travel as a career. The basic idea is a travel startup worldwide. The project is big and in the beginning stage, so would require more devoted time. The requirements for the partner are, he/she should be truly passionate about business and travel

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Looking for investor, Ntech CSL

Ntech CSL is a project in which we Want to offer Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services to medium-sized companies which have headquarters in countries with high operative costs, supporting the client to be able to generate better quality at a more profitable cost, also We will be working with clients in the Information Technologies Outsourcing (ITO) area, and become an important ally for companies in specialized IT consulting worldwide, reaching the application development market, HELP DESK support, Quality Control of application development, digital security among others. Information and communication technologies, ICT, have allowed that part of the companies, work can be carried out in different places, and even more, that it be done by other specialized companies at a lower cost. Within our services we will offer:
1. Call center.
2. Virtual service centers (Chat and email).
3. Customer support through social networks.
4. Application development.
5. Software developer support.

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bespoke software development firm looking for partners

Hi! I am a co-owner of a bespoke software development firm in Cape Town, South Africa (+/- 50 employees). We have a number of blue-chip multi-national clients and 6 years of experience in building large scale .net platforms and mobile apps in the financial services and retail industries. We run a number of cross-border projects from the UK, Australia, etc. but have very limited US exposure although we have registered a US business entity. We simply do not have local representation. If I understand your ad correctly you are looking for .net resources to help you develop a project to completion, on risk. Perhaps there is a conversation to be had to explore us providing resources and helping you bring your vision to market in exchange for an introduction to potential software projects. Not sure if this is something that you would be interested in exploring if so let me know and I can set up a Zoom/Teams call at a time that suits you? Best to reach me at

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Private Tech Stock Going Public....Private Shares Available.

I have private share of a #fintech company finalizing FINRA registration. I am liquidating a portion of my shares prior to going Public with a 6 month Buyback Guarantee. Learn More about the company @ GIVBUX.COM Major Partnerships include Uber, Disneyland, Nike, Red Cross, Petco, Old Navy & Burger King to name a few. Full Podcast Overview is available upon request. Please contact me directly with questions @ 504.598.2226 or Coach BE (Brian Early)


Men's Suits

My name is Alisher Yunusov. I am from Uzbekistan. I am manager of the company "Mustang Tekstil" LLC. Our company is one of the largest manufacturing factories for the manufacture of men's clothing in Uzbekistan. The main direction of the company is tailoring business suits, fashionable trousers, jackets, festive tail-coats, camisoles and fashionable jackets. A distinctive feature of the company is the use in the production of genuine and expensive technologies from Germany, Italy and Turkey.Products are certified.

We are looking for new buyers. The company has remote system for receiving executing wholesale orders, as well as flexible system of discounts and an individual approach to each client! We value the trust of our customers, we are always open to new market trends and to keep up with the time.
Best regards
Mr. Alisher Yunusov
Manager of the company
Mustang Tekstil LLC

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We ar looking business partner in Jordan, as we having plan to expand our trading business in Jordan, Normally our business module is trading all expatriate needs and distributors all over the country. ( Clothes & spices/Tea/coffee) - Normally we trading from Srilanka/India/Bangladesh/Myanmar/Philippians/Pakistan

if some one can partner with us, pls mail to me, specially we are looking partner in Jordan.


Finding a trust long business partnership

I'm looking for genuine tea buyers from any country in the world.i can supply quality tea which is in BOPF category. small scale to large scale buyers are welcome. and like to start new businesses with anyone. since I'm also new to this business , hope we can collaborate well ane work together

Call center partner

Dear Sirs,
I’m Denys from Essen, Germany.
I have been working for more than 15 years in the sphere of customer support in Germany. I’ve had a great experience in working with different projects as OBI, eBay, Tchibo and many others. I had been promoted from an operator of a call center to a project manager for less than 5 years. I had more than 200 subordinates in my team.
Two years ago I launched my call center, Olmanale. We are currently work with the projects as Expertcloud (inbound calls and e-mails), Mirano media (outbound calls), OVB (sales of insurances) in the German language. We are an outsoursing call center. We work with call center programs easily (CRM, IP-phone and others). My staff can communicate in German, English and Russian freely.
My staff attitude seriously to our projects and work hard to supply a perfect service to customers.
I’m looking for a partner who can supply projects and I can provide staff and equipment.

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Co-Founder for Matchmaking Company

Co-Founder for Matchmaking Company

This is a search for a Co-founder who is interested in building jointly the idea to start an international matchmaking company for single and divorced men in Western Countries.The co-founder will help recruit the Bachelors, ensure background and health checks are cleared by the Bachelors, and also help with ensuring the smooth virtual aspect of the program while we handle the on-ground work with the Maidens at the Academy from this other side of the globe.The Co-Founder will ideally be from the US, Germany, the UK, Australia or Sweden. For potential Co-Founders from the US, if you are a resident of New York, it is a plus as we are looking to launch a presence there.If you think you have what it takes to be a Co-Founder for an international Matchmaking Company for single and divorced elites, then please do reach out.Thank you.

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Looking for business aquity partner(s)

Good morning, I am looking for partners for a remittance startup (fintech), I already have the business plan and the pitch deck made, and part of the app programmed.

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