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Looking for a business partner
I have a business providing equipment maintenance & building repair along with residential home improvement & repair, basically a Handyman service. I have both commercial and residential clients in Marin and Sonoma Counties. My work load has come to a point that it is very difficult to find time to sleep and provide the service in a timely manor, I need some help. I am looking for Business Partner that is a handyman type person that can help carry the work load. Also willing and able to provide positive creative ideas to improve and expand the business, then implement them.

small business service maintenance 

Seeking CAD Wizards
Coobri is a virtual reality (VR) startup based in the East Bay. We have designed and are currently building a unique optical configuration for enhanced field of view VR.

We have the means to build the hardware; we need CAD wizards who can help us faithfully design it around the optics we have in place.

Please have a firm grasp of CAD software, preferably with Fusion 360 and mechanical engineering in general. Candidates with further experience in 3D SLA printing (we have a Formlabs 3D printer) will be highly favored.

CAD 3D printing virtual reality 

Crypto payment system
I am working on a new payment system that allows users to pay in crypto currencies. Looking for early adopters and testers who are interested in playing with the new technology that can replace credit cards in the near future

crypto fintech blockchain banking 

Looking for bisiness partner
My company is planning to enter US market so we are looking for US-based business partner with good understanding of IT segment.We are also considering cooperation with independent B2B sales specialists. Here you can find short information about us:
7+years in Business (Cyprus, Eastern Europe, UK);
Prepared for sale packages of IT services, software development, Dedicated Development Team;
Highly qualified engineers with MS, CISCO, HP certificates and university degree;
Own Service desk platform tailored to our type of business;
Web site with good technical content.
We are looking for person who is familiar with peculiarities of US IT market and who is able to build proper sales process and client relations. For more details please contact me, I will be glad to answer your questions:

IT web development software outsourcing 

Looking for business partners
Our project is an innovative solution in the insurance industry based on blockchain technology. Thanks to the use of this technology, we have been able to create a system that allows us to effectively search for and return the stolen car and ensure payment of compensation in case of failure.

blockchain crypto 

Need help with my idea
I have an idea of a new online business related to distribution of niche web content in a printed format among the subscribers.
The project doesn't require significant funding but it will definitely require some resources and expertise. I have a clear vision of this business, but I am still not sure about the revenue stream for now. It would be relatively easy to get funding, if someone could help me with presenting it to investors. Would love share my idea with entrepreneurs or tech folks. Feel free to contact me here

media news 

Looking for a co-founder for crypto project
The idea of my project is a new painless way to invest into crypto. The worst thing with any investment is when you lose money.
This is basically a new development on the top of DCA method. Very high level, it is going to be an app (or a service) that allows users to deposit small amounts of money over long period of time. I was thinking of different options. It can be as simple as investing change from each of your credit card transactions. Or you can schedule to deposit negligible amounts of money randomly, depending on you risk tolerance level. The invested amounts can be so small that you won't feel any impact on you budget. Another idea, if you feel you a not a disciplined investor, you can make a decision to invest for a long period time (e.g. 5 years) without an option to withdraw it earlier.

crypto investment banking 

Looking for a co-founder interested in journalism to start a media company
I am looking for someone who might be interested in starting up a media company that focuses on local people, news and events. Ideally, if you are interested in Journalism, and Video Broadcasting. I have ideas and a vision how to promote it and make it popular. Would love to share more details.

media  tv  journalism 

Bitcoin ATM Manufacturer looking for business partners
Bitcoin ATM Manufacturer is looking for business partners around the world.

ATM specs: PC (Intel processor, RAM DDR3 2 GB)| SSD 80 GB | Monitor 17”, Touch screen MasterTouch 17” | CashCode SM | Thermal printer Custom VKP80II | Barcode scanner
Price: - $500 ATM basic equipment (1-way) Free software 0-1% fee from the transaction volume for software usage
More details: ducer/

Phone: 8-999-300-8887

crypto  fintech 

HealthCare appointment booking service
I am working on a free service that allows patients to book Health appointments online, and see which HealthCare Providers are in their network.
It targets $1.5 Billion market size, that includes 101.4M Un-booked appointments Yearly.
I have a unique platform which is fully functional and tested by a few real users.
Contact me if you are in this industry or if you are interested in this domain.

healthcare  ecommerce