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Looking for business partner(s)

Hi, I am looking for a business partner who is:
1. interested in the dropshipping industry
2. interested in the fulfillment service industry
3. willing to go with me to china

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Looking for Individual for Expansion of my Existing Business

Hi we are India Based Agency Office in USA, providing Software Development and Digital Marketing Services.

I want business partner from USA, Canada, Mexico, UK and Australia.

No Investment required, only we need full support to generate leads and convert it to sale and get best revenue.

Reply me asap then we will discuss further.
WatsApp : 9971199806

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Seeking investors and partner for vegan restaurant

I'm planning a new restaurant in my home city. It's plant-based and in a great location. I am looking for investors, and open to interviewing potential partners. We can chat about more details through email. Thank you and looking forward to talking!

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looking for a business partner to raise the capital and launch a unique reusable food carrier

I am looking for a special entrepreneur who will be capable to raise the capital in the $Ms and launch an interesting new concept of a reusable, returnable, insulated food carrier called the CaterBox.

CaterBox is a unique reusable food carrier specially created to provide, at home, without any hassle freshly prepared food that is served hot, safe to eat, and completely table ready. The CaterBox has successfully passed the first stage of prototyping. Significant improvements are possible with numerous valuable patents.

I have a unique go-to-market strategy and a vision on how to expand worldwide, with units licensed or company-owned, becoming a large chain of the true Ready-Meal. Some years ago, using my own retirement saving I did launch a company just to test the market. The results were just phenomenal. They mostly loved the convenience, the practicality, the class, and the low cost.

Feel free to e-mail me at for more information.

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Investor partner needed for new project ideas,

I'm seeking an intelligent investors who thinking out of the box for more than new projects ideas in variety of business fields ,
1) An app for a product which circulating more than 200K $ per annum serve customer globally with no competition as no one yet provide such service what so ever such service .
2) A crypto project for anew currency serving sellers and buyers globally in new way serving the new era we are all heading to
3) We all know how big companies record a huge losses and suffer in managing stuff and goods this project I'm offering will solve this issue with a technological solution every shop who deals with customer and goods will eagerly need it preventing stealing and eas managing stock.
Direct contact through cell,whatsapp , BOTIM : +201224572211
Skype: hkenawy23
Email :

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Seeking Technical Cofounder for EdTech startup

Hello! I am seeking a technical cofounder to help in building a mobile app that helps high school students. TF is a gamified platform that engages and inspires high school students in their career and personal development goals so they can have a great future. The idea comes from seeing many bright young people without appropriate career planning waste time and money on education that simply was not a good fit for their professional and personal interests.

I am a PhD candidate in biology and an MS candidate in statistics. I have also had experience in sales and analytics in Silicon Valley tech companies and startups. I am a very logical fact-based person but also friendly and empathetic with high emotional intelligence. I am hoping to develop a great relationship and find someone with web or mobile development experience. For the time being I am focusing on a minimum viable product, so I am open to various skill levels. Please get in touch at

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innovative payments solution targeted particularly at low-value transactions

Hi. We are looking for an investor for an innovative payments solution targeted particularly at low-value transactions. It is a credible replacement for cash and it can work in remote areas including in locations where connectivity is a problem as it can work offline. We have already secured a partnership with one of the biggest banks in the country which also happens to be a state-owned bank with a fairly huge customer base. The platform integrates with the client’s wallet system or core banking financial system to enable transactions. Customers can choose from a variety of terminals, tags, and software functionality to deploy a powerful payment solution customized for diverse markets and use cases. We will be happy to share a brief presentation.


Precious Metal Dealer is looking for business partners

A successful, established precious metal dealer in Europe is looking for a Partner in Gold Business. We are looking to partner up with tax advisors, financial service providers, and bankers who will be able to use your existing customer contacts to sell gold or to offer a gold investment form with a return. In this way, you supplement your portfolio with an investment product that is not only profitable and therefore attractive, but also risk-free and tax-free. Especially in today’s time of high market volatility, the gold investment form is attracting growing interest from customers. We offer lucrative conditions for our partners, which include, generous commissions, no liability risk, training, and support of advisors. E-mail us at for more details

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seeking investment for a multi level marketing company( KEDI HEALTH CARE CAMEROON)

—A world-class provider of healthcare products
KEDI Healthcare has established itself as a world-class, and leading global provider of healthcare products and equipment. It is a conglomerate with business interests in pharmaceutical sectors in China that promotes Traditional Chinese Medical Culture worldwide.
KEDI Healthcare’s business strength is based on a capability and expertise built up over many years, basking in over 5000 years of Chinese herbal knowledge which has contributed immensely to the health and longevity of the Chinese people.
Her partners include; pharmaceutical companies, government, bio-technologies, universities, schools involved in a broad range of activities and in industry for healthcare research and development. As an original healthcare provider, KEDI Healthcare does not only provide Traditional Chinese Medicines, they also have Food Supplements under the company's new brand popularly knwon as VITA NATURE

Partner - BIM/3D Software Developer to Build a New BIM Platform


I'm an architect looking to create an entirely new BIM software. This would be a totally new platform, separate from Revit, Archicad, Chief Architect and the like.

I am not a programmer or developer, and do not have experience in building software, but I do have deep architectural industry knowledge as a licensed architect, and am an expert level Revit user with over a decade of experience in the following: Rhino, Autocad, Sketchup, Lumion, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Vray.

I want to get together with like-minded and capable, good-hearted individuals to start building a next-generation BIM software. Revit and the other industry leading tools are stuck in a cycle of incremental improvement and lack of vision. What the AEC industry needs is a radically new and better tool and way of working. Without this, progress will continue to be slow, and innovation will be left to the big companies like Autodesk to move at snails pace. Automation is key, and today's BIM software is very

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