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Alcohol Counter-actor

Hello, I researched and developed natural elements for the past 10 years, which lead me to this venture; a unique, innovative novel product, I called DeTrip. I envisage this product to be sold all over the USA, UK, EU and everywhere in the world where people consume alcohol. The objective is to launch the company/product in the USA and from there globally; The US offer the highest rate for success, my US supplier has independently proven reserve amounts of 53,700,000 tons (main ingredient), the largest and highest-grade deposits in the United States. I foresee this to be a multi Dollar enterprise as more than 7million sales points has already been identified. DeTrip is a unique product decreasing the effects of alcohol consumption. Once all regulatory approval is done, DeTrip would be made available in 2 capsules packed and afterwards a functional beverage. When taken, one becoming less intoxicated preventing a "Hangover" Seek Equity Investor. See:

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hello ,I looking for a partner sales and service in mobile phones and related IT accessories and mobile money service.The busisness will be located in Botswana,Gaborone.

For more details

Whatsapp: +26773156241 or email:

We deliver you high-quality software with a low price!

We are a Software Development Company, because of our location, we offer you a cutting edge software with a low price! for more details read our resume in our linkedin account or contact us via our Email address.
PS: We work Agile and our preference is to work remotely with Swedish or American companies and startups.

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Invest in creative content applications/maker

We produce cartoons and application tools to create digital content for everyone.
Helping people create their own graphic design for business- marketing images and advertisement, social media- to attract or share people's attentions, video content- animated cartoon, game- vectors. How to generate income for the business? Through monthly access fee or more expensive 7days access, they can create new, or use as is; thousands of images within the applications.
The characters are design uniquely by our designer. They have their own charm compared to everything that exist today.
We are looking for investors fund to market it and do more development in increasing the library of images and the tools.
Networking partners are welcome to bring in their network to the business.
Our channel: scriber
Example of market : -character

creative content cartoon maker  software application marketing network 

cinnamon breeze jungle cabanas for tourism

There is a land size of 5 hectare in mountain jungle area which is located in Galle Sri Lanka.
It can seen the World Heritage Singharaja Forest.
If you are interesting to start partnership business for tourism I can forward the project concept designed.

Contact :
0094 774474953


New Business Opportunity Proposal in Bangladesh .

Hello Everyone

Trust you are fine and healthy during Covid-19 pandemic.

World Apparel sourcing strategy has been changed during and right after normalise situation from Covid-19. Retailers will ask Manufacturer, Sourcing agency and Traders to take over their design, sourcing and production monitoring responsibility on their behalf. The whole process of having large design teams and sourcing operations seems to be contracting to cut cost and reduce risk. In my study, Retailers will try to reduction around 60% from their existing cost. They will only focus on retailing and consumer alone. Most of their existing function will be outsource from professional companies. So, there will be huge opportunity for do more business and engage at different function.

I am looking somebody who are interested to invest on front line Apparel marketing and Development . I will be available anytime, if you feel to discuss anything further.

Have a good day.

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private investor looking for businesses/startups that need capital for expansion

I am a private investor looking for opportunities and business partnerships with positive and encouraging profit margins needing additional capital for expansion. I am looking for investment partnerships and business owners in the following countries and regions: the US, Middle East, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkmenistan, China, Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia. To start working with you I need a business proposal from direct business owners, no middlemen, and consultants. Direct business owners are highly welcome so please send me your inquiries through my contact below.
Whatsapp Contact:+237 651-895-901

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freight brokerage/agency

I own a freight brokerage/agency in NY and Florida; freight volume at about $7.2 mil. a yr. Looking at revenues at 11,000 per week. I need a short term/long term investment to offset expense and payroll, allow receivables

freight brokerage 

Funding for novel treatment for advanced liver fibrosis

I am looking for an angel investor or partner.
I am independent researcher called Mohammed Ahmed. I have a project for treatment of liver fibrosis. I had developed an innovative molecule for treatment of liver fibrosis. Efficacy and safety of my innovative molecule were proved by 3 phases of trials. Preclinical, clinical phase 1 and clinical phase 2. I am seeking to be funded as a partnership. This is for making my project a breakthrough via making the innovative molecule a brand for treatment of liver fibrosis by creating a biotech pharma company complete the rest of stages.

Partner in Pacific Tourism

I have a Graduate Degree and a Tourism advocate with 15 years' experience in the Tourism industry and also with Business plans looking for partners to invest in Papua New Guinea. I would be very interested to talk to anyone interested. attached is the hotel view plan.

Please contact me on: or

Leroy Wilson