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Marketing and Sales group
We are full-time Investors part of a Real Estate Club closing deals throughout California. We are real people, doing real deals, and doing very well in this market but want to do more. As senior members of the club for the over 5 years, we have been very successful teaching others to work alongside us, helping them to get their start in this business closing deals and splitting profits.

We are not looking for everyone to join us. This business takes time, determination, and persistence. This is not a get rich quick or network marketing.

Contact (415) 236-7004 via text or call if interested in joining

investment opportunity  real-estate 

Looking for a technical co-founder
We're a startup looking to build a group buying platform for employee-sponsored health insurance. This will lower healthcare premiums by increasing the bargaining power of our customers, providing affordable insurance and helping small businesses compete with larger competitors when attracting talent. My co-founder and I have worked out the business plan, but we lack the technical ability to build the platform and are looking for a co-founder willing to join us. We need a full stack developer capable of building the project from beginning to end. If the idea sounds interesting and you're willing to work for equity, please inquire.

healthcare  insurance 

live news streaming app
I cut cable TV a while ago and I am still struggling without live news. So I've got an idea to build an app for Roku, FireTV (AppleTV later) to broadcast popular free live news channels. It will focus only on live news channels and nothing else. I am an engineer myself, so technically it should be pretty simple to develop an app like this. The app is going to be similar to PlutoTV but it will only limited to live news. Would love to chat to somebody who likes this idea

telecom  streaming  tv 

looking for distributors:refurbished phones/AndroidTVs, power banks
Chinese manufacturer offers touch panel glass replacement for Samsung phone S10, S7, S8, J3, J7, S7 edge, Galaxy, Note9. Ideal products for phone repair shops or local distributors
We also offer:
- refurbished phones at low prices: Samsung GALAXY, HTC and Sony Wholesale prices, delivery from China.
- android TVs
- power banks
High-quality and 1 year warranty
Will send samples on request
Please email me at or skype: samdai2009

mobile  import-export  consumer goods 

Stock market analysis app: looking for traders
we are working on an app for which will be a new generation of a stock market screener with additional functions including pattern analysis and alerting. It is half ready but we still have a long way to go till we release the final product. We have a team with multiple developers, industry experts and advisors in Eastern Europe and US. Looking for traders who might be interested in giving it a try, early adopters and potential investor.
Message me for more details.

stock market  finance  mobile app 

Looking for projects to fund
A group of private investors is looking for projects to finance including direct funding, partnership, SBL, joint ventures, import/export, trade finance, fin-tech.
Please send us a business plan or a presentation with brief info about your business.
phone: +447572209470

invertment opportunity  funding 

Communication App For Tenants/Landlords
Hi there! Looking for a mobile app developer who can help me with Android implementation (iOS is half ready). I am working on an app for apartment rental buildings and management companies. There is a similar app but for larger/more sophisticated buildings. My app is simple and it target smaller buildings. The revenue stream will be based on advertisement from local businesses and a paid version for real estate agents. It will also allow local business to push deals/coupons within a certain geographic area. I have an MVP for iOS and I hope to release a beta in a few months from now.
Looking for someone who is familiar with Mobile stack, Ideally Java, Kotlin. I am in Atlanta GA. your location is not critical if you are comfortable with Skype

mobile app  ecommerce real-estate 

need help to make online shopping more personalized
I am running an online store with boutique clothes, glasses and customizable gifts. Our sales are good but not growing.
Our main problems are lack of personal experience and not enough SEO/advertising.
I am looking for someone who can help me enhance my online store by giving potential buyers personalized/customized virtual experience.
Also, I need someone who can help me with promotion on FB and Instagram.
I can offer you profit sharing in exchange for your SEO/Web skills. Send me a message if you want to learn more.

ecommerce  online bisiness  consumer goods  apparel 

looking to join a startup
I am tech lead at a trading company. I worked with several startups and helped them build MVP for a fraction of a real cost. If you have an interesting idea, send me a short description or a deck. My core competencies are mobile apps development(iOS/Android), web crawlers and parsers, financial/trading apps, blockchain, business development and go-to-market strategy.

mobile app  software development  web  fintech 

looking for a local web designer - profit sharing
I am looking for a web designer who can help me with my travel website for travel industry in exchange for profit sharing. I am now finishing with development which is being done offshore. It will be up and running in a few month from now. I expect a steady revenue stream from google AdSense and local advertisers by the end of this year.

web  graphic design  art  software development