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jungle cabanas for tourism

I have 15 acre land in the mountain jungle which can seen World Herritage Sinharaja located in Galle Sri Lanka.
I would like to start a partnership business building Jungle Cabanas for Tourism.
If you prefer to this business we can share our profits or provide me a loan accordingly.


looking for importers and distributors

PakZaib International, a leading company in Pakistan for your Sports & Promotional Needs looking for distributors. We are the leading manufacturer & exporter of All sorts of gloves. We would like to establish business connections with US distributors.
kabir hussain
Tel/+92 432 544134 Fax/+92 432 543155

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Looking for Business Development Partner (Cyber Security)

Professional consulting Cyber Security firm seeks a full time Business Development Partner based in New York.
Full commission payout aligned with industry standards, and directly linked to performance.
This position is best suited for a professional with a strong background in sales, marketing, and business development. It involves networking at the executive level on a national and global basis. You will work closely with the partners to expand the company's client base, and be a self-reliant, high performing contributor, surrounded by a supportive team of professionals.

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Souvenir Business

I am a co-author and an owner a huge collection of illustrations including animals, abstract, landscapes, etc. I have rights for distribution and commercial use, so I was thinking of using them for souvenirs. It can be postcards, tourist booklets, framed prints, etc. We used to distribute them locally some time ago, but we’ve never done anything online. Looking for business partners who are interested in starting selling it online. Also, I can sell some original paintings as well.

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Why is it so hard to find a co-founder for my projects??

When I have a cool idea, nobody is interested in it. When someone is running more or less successful startup, it is almost impossible to join him. Even though I have a lot to bring to the table. Just interested in bouncing off ideas and see where it goes. I have a few ideas that I am working on. One is related to data storage/encryption in the cloud.

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I run a network of coders

Anyone here might be interested in finding works for these coders? You can make good money on each projects. I have helped a few businesses with modest success. Most of the projects are mobile apps and most of them are in China. We have our own tech stacks and tools. If you have any tech related questions I would be more than happy to answer them here.

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Looking for a co-founder for a new service targeting local businesses

I am working on a new service that helps artists exhibit their artworks at coffee shops, doctor's offices, etc.
It solves two important problems. First, it helps young artists get some exposure and promote their paintings.
Second, it helps business owners decorate their offices, restaurants, etc. for free. People who comes to a restaurant can buy artworks if they like them. So, ultimately, it is going to be a new revenue stream for artists. There are several options for artists to display original artworks or prints. From technical point of view it consists of a listing of participating venues and a directory of artists with their artworks. I can take care of the technical side and some marketing. What I need is a business savvy guy or someone familiar with the local art market to help me onboard artists and local businesses. Send me a note here and I will share more details.

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Looking for a Startup Partner


I've been building a new project, a startup company that merges urbanism and technology -- and looking for a partner in NYC to build it with. Am getting tired of trying to do it by myself. Maybe you are an expert in business or tech or fundraising. Let me know what you think! Me: mid 30s, business owner. You: open to all.

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Marketing and Sales group

We are full-time Investors part of a Real Estate Club closing deals throughout California. We are real people, doing real deals, and doing very well in this market but want to do more. As senior members of the club for the over 5 years, we have been very successful teaching others to work alongside us, helping them to get their start in this business closing deals and splitting profits.

We are not looking for everyone to join us. This business takes time, determination, and persistence. This is not a get rich quick or network marketing.

Contact (415) 236-7004 via text or call if interested in joining

investment opportunity  real-estate 

Looking for a technical co-founder

We're a startup looking to build a group buying platform for employee-sponsored health insurance. This will lower healthcare premiums by increasing the bargaining power of our customers, providing affordable insurance and helping small businesses compete with larger competitors when attracting talent. My co-founder and I have worked out the business plan, but we lack the technical ability to build the platform and are looking for a co-founder willing to join us. We need a full stack developer capable of building the project from beginning to end. If the idea sounds interesting and you're willing to work for equity, please inquire.

healthcare  insurance