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Looking for investment for a travel agency on a famous beach on the coast of Brazil

I’m looking for investment for a travel agency on a famous beach on the coast of Brazil. Jericoacoara beach is a national park surrounded by dunes, beautiful beaches. Region rich in natural beauty, sought by people from all over the world. We need investment for the land tour agency and expansion of the agency in the area of receptive and transfer. Ensured profitability and other advantages we offer.

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Searching for Angel Investor for investment in Apparel/Garments industry in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the second-largest exporter of apparel products in the world after China, there is a huge investment opportunity in the textile and garment industry. The available workforce at a reasonable wage, duty-free market access in the major export destination, preferential location in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region acted as a catalyst to attract foreign investment in the textile and apparel industry.
So we are searching for an investor to expand our Business. We have attached a file to explain why you should invest in Bangladesh. Further, we have attached two blogs written about about future of the garments industry.
Links are: y-in_2367.html ments-industry-in.html

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