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We ElNour co for imp
Our company is established 1992 based on import of electrical materials to resale in Egyptian Market.
we are interested in a partner Egyptian or Foreigner residence or non residence.

Looking for a US Based Partner

Hi, I'm looking to partner with someone who is living in the United States and is also amazing at selling.

My Messenger Marketing Agency develops amazing chatbots integrated with an omnichannel system providing solutions to restaurants, Shopify stores and online product launches.

I make use of mobile wallet integrations to offer loyalty programs linked to reputation management flows perfect for restaurants and similar business models. Also, there is a chatbot that takes care of order taking with payments and can manage deliveries and curbside pickups.

For product launches, I was part of the Messenger Marketing Experts team that helped Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi earn more than $6.9 million dollars in sales and was marked as the most successful Messenger Marketing campaign to date! Case Studies can be provided.

I need someone who can invest or is smoking hot in sales.

Product prices ranges are between $3,000 - $25,000 or more depending on the size of their required audience.

partner cofounder messenger marketing 

Trade manufacturing company partner for business Expansion of services and goods to new sales markets

GreenWay LTD, s.r.o.
Represents products of its own production. Lumber:
Board for construction, Furniture panel for wall covering, Pallet board, Charcoal, Hardwood charcoal briquette Beech, Oak, Ash, wood, Birch, Pellets ENplus A1 6 mm, Wooden packaging for organic products. With our logistics partners, we deliver our products directly to the customer.Check out our production products on our website
https: //

Pallet Epal Hardwood charcoal briquette Pellets ENplus A1 6mm Pallet board Lumber 

Lender Wanted for Short or Long Term Loan / Partner / Investor

I'm looking for a private lender willing to assist me as I continue to grow my business.
I'm open to negotiating a fair return and open to all deals.

My business is online ecommerce and has been stable sales history and repayment proof. My LLC was created in 2016.

I can always use additional funds due to the nature of my business.
I'm not looking for any specific amount, just more working capital really.
Please send a message if you are interested in discussing further.

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Fund for development of HRM/SalesPurchaseAccounting/Apparel

I am a Bangladeshi IT Professional having over 20 years experience in Software Development for various clients. I am analyzing and designing some applications considering future trends in business and IT. I am looking a business partner who can be a co-founder/ business partner/ Full fund supporter to support the development of the products for small/medium/large industry. You can be a person of any country but able to communicate in English/Bengali.

Looking for resellers for Wholesale women Clothes

Dear members,

Im Desidiati the owner of company BELLE, located in Prisitina,Kosovo.
We make women clothes. We design and tailor by our best team that is available of designers and tailors.
We make the latest trend clothes.
Whoever is interested in making trade in textile industry don't hesitate to contact me +383 44 917 050(viber&whatsapp)
Our web page is

We can make a good price for whoever wants a wholesale price.

Best regards,
Desidiat Kastrati
Phone : +383 44 917 050

clothes fashion 

Men's Suits

My name is Alisher Yunusov. I am from Uzbekistan. I am manager of the company "Mustang Tekstil" LLC. Our company is one of the largest manufacturing factories for the manufacture of men's clothing in Uzbekistan. The main direction of the company is tailoring business suits, fashionable trousers, jackets, festive tail-coats, camisoles and fashionable jackets. A distinctive feature of the company is the use in the production of genuine and expensive technologies from Germany, Italy and Turkey.Products are certified.

We are looking for new buyers. The company has remote system for receiving executing wholesale orders, as well as flexible system of discounts and an individual approach to each client! We value the trust of our customers, we are always open to new market trends and to keep up with the time.
Best regards
Mr. Alisher Yunusov
Manager of the company
Mustang Tekstil LLC

Men's suits 

Call center partner

Dear Sirs,
I’m Denys from Essen, Germany.
I have been working for more than 15 years in the sphere of customer support in Germany. I’ve had a great experience in working with different projects as OBI, eBay, Tchibo and many others. I had been promoted from an operator of a call center to a project manager for less than 5 years. I had more than 200 subordinates in my team.
Two years ago I launched my call center, Olmanale. We are currently work with the projects as Expertcloud (inbound calls and e-mails), Mirano media (outbound calls), OVB (sales of insurances) in the German language. We are an outsoursing call center. We work with call center programs easily (CRM, IP-phone and others). My staff can communicate in German, English and Russian freely.
My staff attitude seriously to our projects and work hard to supply a perfect service to customers.
I’m looking for a partner who can supply projects and I can provide staff and equipment.

call center job  call center projects 

Looking for Individual for Expansion of my Existing Business

Hi we are India Based Agency Office in USA, providing Software Development and Digital Marketing Services.

I want business partner from USA, Canada, Mexico, UK and Australia.

No Investment required, only we need full support to generate leads and convert it to sale and get best revenue.

Reply me asap then we will discuss further.
WatsApp : 9971199806

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Investor partner needed for new project ideas,

I'm seeking an intelligent investors who thinking out of the box for more than new projects ideas in variety of business fields ,
1) An app for a product which circulating more than 200K $ per annum serve customer globally with no competition as no one yet provide such service what so ever such service .
2) A crypto project for anew currency serving sellers and buyers globally in new way serving the new era we are all heading to
3) We all know how big companies record a huge losses and suffer in managing stuff and goods this project I'm offering will solve this issue with a technological solution every shop who deals with customer and goods will eagerly need it preventing stealing and eas managing stock.
Direct contact through cell,whatsapp , BOTIM : +201224572211
Skype: hkenawy23
Email :

International app  an ambitious crypto currency   a new automated method for sale points