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high-performing, and experienced development teams
We are a group of experienced CTOs and Co-founders in Turkey and Iran. Our goals are creating talented, high-performing, and experienced development teams with low prices to create high-quality software with competitive pricing in the market. We are experts in creating development teams based on customer needs. As you know, for a mid-level Russian company, you have to pay $4500 to $5500 monthly for a senior developer, and in a professional Indian company, you have to pay $3500 to $4500. In Europe, Australia, or the USA, the prices are even more. However, we can create development teams at the prices mentioned below: ● $2500 to $3000 is paid to a Team Leader ● $2000 to $2500 is paid to a Senior Developer ● $1500 to $2000 is paid to a Mid Developer ● $1000 to $1500 is paid to a Junior Developer ● In the current situation caused by Covid-19, having cheaper and efficient developers may enable you to save your investment. I will send you our group's presentation.

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Partnership / Public Relations
Business Overview

Celebrity, Footballer and Business Public Relations firm, Excellent reputation. Loyal customer base. Long-standing clients. Having grown organically since its establishment, the business has established partnerships all across globe – allowing them to offer a wide spectrum of destinations.

Looking for a business partner to help expand the company. If interested, please contact myself with your number and a further in depth conversation can be discussed

Offers invited.

Celebrity / Footballer / Business 

Gold mining start-up
We are looking for partner or investor in gold mining project in West Africa. We have mining exploration license, geological, geochemical research are done. Already invested $1,2M of own funds. We need to finish Feasibility study and buy equipment and machinery to start mining.

Equity Partner needed

• This particular product ready for market potential market 200M$

• (Tested) Proven formula Ready for marketing and distribution
Request Investments: $5 per share minimum shares 60,000=$300,00.00

• Approved Shovel Ready Single Family Development
REQUESTED $100 to $500 Mil

62.5m Acquisition / USA/ 500m plus needed for Build Out ( Time Sensitive )* / 490-- Resort. Gated. Single Family Dwelling Community ( USA ). 150 -Single. Family. Entitlements. Ready / Acquisition 62.5m

410-unit residential community, It includes 330 conventional single family homes (on 15,000 square foot lots), 20 custom lots and 60 condominium units. The single family homes were released for sale in late 2016 and 28 units have sold to date

Request Investments: Equity Partner investors
Willie P Johnson Sr
Office: 919-349-8756

Capital Needed 

I am seeking a “working partner” or a “non-working investor” for a new health supplement company based in Mexico. I had a partner whom I have been associated with for quite awhile... changes in their life plan necessitated their with-drawl from out partnership. In fact HE was the one who proposed the idea in the first place....but now lacks the ability to “keep going”... We are set to open our production facility located in a rural town near the US boarder.... the the Corona Virus – COVID-19 shut things down.

The intention is to start with several product lines which satisfy the needs of senior citizens, those undergoing Chemo Therapy , undergoing Alzheimer's early onset treatment or are suffering from some common “old age conditions”like joint pain, diabetes issues, depression and weight gain.. ALL of our “supplements” are 100% pure and natural, with NO fillers or additives, NO chemical ingredients of any sort.

Exploring possible Investor/ Partner / JV for my New concept Wind Turbine Startup
We are from Chennai, India. Have developed New Concept Wind Turbine (NCWT) suitable for all sizes (particularly to large size turbines). Concept proof testing has been done with working level 1KW models. Because of strong concept basics, Output & Cost gains multi-fold comparing with existing ones. (Larger the size, Higher will be the Output & Cost gains multi-fold). As such, a Trend Setter in Energy Sector. Has 100s of Billions of $ market potential. An Indian & International PCT patents have been filed.
Looking for an Investor / Partner / JV, etc. for my proposed Start-up firm SKI IDEAS.
(waiting for a perfect Partner to register a Pvt. Ltd Co. immediately)

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Xenotransplant start-up
I am looking for a business advisor/business partner to help me with my xenotransplant start-up
company which will address the organ donor shortage crisis that exists in the world today. Ideally
the business advisor/business partner will help with capital structure, review business plan, investor
funding and meetings, contracts, agreements, meeting with the FDA, etc. I can be contacted by
email at

Urgently seeking Business in Thailand
Foreigner wants to start or partner in an existing Massage/ Wellness/ Restaurant business in Thailand ideally with a Thai partner. I am a globally successful senior level corporate executive marketing and business consultant have had handled many successful professional assignments in 3 decades long career across several continents. I will invest, will give my full time and efforts to ensure the success and sustainable growth of the business. Any profitable or struggling business venture is highly welcome. Owner may contact me. WhatsApp +919704214459.or +93783707036

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Funding for novel drug treats liver fibrosis
I am independent researcher called Mohammed Ahmed. I have a project for treatment of liver fibrosis. I had developed an innovative molecule for treatment of liver fibrosis. Efficacy and safety of my innovative molecule were proved by 3 phases of trials. Preclinical, clinical phase 1 and clinical phase 2. I am seeking to be funded as a partnership. This is for making my project a breakthrough via making the innovative molecule a brand for treatment of liver fibrosis.

Mobile: +201029846158

Looking for Angel investor in real estate or apparel sector in Bangladesh
Jahangir Auttlika Builders ltd has successfully operated for the past five years working on both small- and large-scale construction focusing on residential contracting. With the business boom that is occurring in our local area and the desire to improve overall profit margins, the company is planning to shift its target market from residential clients to larger commercial & residential customers.
Bangladesh is the second-largest exporter of apparel products in the world after China, there is a huge investment opportunity in the textile and garment industry. The available workforce at a reasonable wage, duty-free market access in the major export destination, preferential location in the heart of the Asia-Pacific region acted as a catalyst to attract foreign investment in the textile and apparel industry.
So we are searching for an investor to expand our Business.

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