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Director / Skillfull Partner needed!

We are currently looking for a great successfully developed Business and we are willing to work and expand your business in our country. We know how to handle marketing and bring to a great deal of sales and profit according to your product and services demand.
I'm open to any kind of business Opportunity for long term relationship. Lets Discuss now.
Feel free to contact me to discuss further more @

Entrepreneurs seek partner with IT background

We are a small eCommerce startup in the conceptual and developmental stages of our business. We are seeking a third partner with a general background in IT (web design, development, social media, SEO, etc) to join our team in this exciting new project. We are based in Miami, FL, and would prefer to work with someone local. This is not a job offer nor a resume solicitation, it is an offer to hear our project out and become an equity partner in the business.

About the project: eCommerce retailer selling own product and aggregated content. Focus on user/customer experience. This opportunity deals with women's apparel.

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,T-Yoke and Bottom plate Speakers part made in Taiwan

SHINING JINS ENTERPRISE specializing in manufacturing & designing cold forge Top Plate (Washer) and Pole piece (T-Yoke) for Loud-Speaker and alarms raw driver in Taiwan. We offer a complete range of Top Plate (Washer) and Pole piece (T-Yoke) uses in Home speaker, P.A. Speaker, Car speaker, Hi-Fi speaker, Sub-woofer,Car alarms and U-Yokes uses in raw Neodymium (NdFeB) speaker, tweeter etc.
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Partner Wanted

I am seeking someone with marketing pro connections, money or time to profit from a booming opportunity. What l will share with you l am confident will meet or exceed your expectations.
Please call me and or email me and if you email me please put PartnerUpList and please send it to me twice to increase the chances of me seeing it. Be expecting great news.
Prosper with Purpose,
Jane Greenwood

We need a partner/agent

We need a partner/agent to sell in the EU
LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas).
Delivery to the EU, to Mediterranean ports.
Supply to the EU in large volumes (large wholesale).
Payment - A letter of credit (LC). Payment to LPG on delivery.

Looking for a business partner in car sales/import-export/online business

I would like to work with someone who has some side hustle. My areas of interests are online business, car sales, auto parts, import-export, electronics/mobile phones resale, etc.

Looking for partner, reseller or agency to expand already profitable business is a studio with architects, designers, and 3D artists. Over the past few years we have developed various solutions that help our clients to lease and sell their properties faster. Our best clients are real estate companies, property management agencies, property developers, and marketing agencies.

We already collaborate with a few European companies and one company from Singapore. We are looking to expand our business to the United States, Australia, and other European countries. So we are looking for a partner, reseller or agency in order to offer our services to other countries.

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Investment Opportunities

We need investor partners in most Profitable Businesses now a days
Investors who are interested to invest in business can contact us.

Investment sectors are given below:

Investors can invest in
1) Automobiles
2) Real Estate Investment Projects
3) Transportation
4) Energy Products

Minimum Investment: 500,000/- US$ OR 300,000/- Euros
Good return will be offer

NOTE: When you contact us, also tell us that in which sector you want to invest.
No Scammers, No time wasters, No Fraudulent, Please stay away

Supply Deals International
WhatsApp. 0092-3205940094

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Custom made cold forged and precision machined metal parts made in Taiwan

Shining Jins Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded on 1975, and we have many years experience manufacturing cold forged and turned metal parts for both Taiwan domestic and International markets. In addition to Shining Jins manufacturing development, we also continue our improvements throughout our manufacturing technology, research & development, and quality control. we expanded our marketing strategy to satisfied with all customer requirements.

Please visit our website to have a further understanding about the full range of our products.

No.107, Lane 530, Sec. 1, Guoji Road, Taoyuan Dist., Taoyuan City 330, Taiwan.
Tel: +886-3-361 0638 Fax: +886-3-367 7527

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Looking for Sales and Marketing Partners or Sales Outsourcing Partners

We are technology-based Company as solution partner, new generation retail system equipment manufacturer and supplier in the global market, and provide innovation terminal equipment & solutions to POS industry customers/partners. And now, we are looking for sales and marketing partners or sales outsourcing partners to work together for expand our business to relevant countries/regions. And more info about us is at, and welcome to inquire and cooperate with us!

POS System  POS manufacturer  POS Suppliuer Retail POS Terminal