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Entrepreneurs seek partner with IT background

We are a small eCommerce startup in the conceptual and developmental stages of our business. We are seeking a third partner with a general background in IT (web design, development, social media, SEO, etc) to join our team in this exciting new project. We are based in Miami, FL, and would prefer to work with someone local. This is not a job offer nor a resume solicitation, it is an offer to hear our project out and become an equity partner in the business.

About the project: eCommerce retailer selling own product and aggregated content. Focus on user/customer experience. This opportunity deals with women's apparel.

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innovaciones he inventos

I’ve developed two different tools/gadgets that can save people's lives if they are in danger, both on land and at sea. Those products are for folks who like to travel and explore the world in remote regions. I am looking for a partner in Europe, Canada or the USA who can help with bringing my product to market and distribution.

tengo dos diseños de herramientas y un artefacto que podrá salvar la vida de las personas si estas se encontraran en peligro, tanto en tierra como en el mar, para todos aquellos que gustan explorar en lugares remotos.
busco un socio, europa, canada o USA.

Looking for Business Partner (Any Region)

Anyone interested in generating income, living a comfortable life, getting out of the rat race can go ahead and partner with us. We are a Software house specialized in building and working on all sorts of projects related to Logo's, Websites, Marketing and mobile applications. We are a team based in US and Pakistan and are very transparent we are looking to expand and capture markets all over the world. For further information reach out to me over WhatsApp as it will be convenient to connect at: +1 206-208-2945.

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Healthcare professionals laboratory partnership business for Bangladesh

I am looking for a partner or agency in the United States. We are looking for cooperation to build a laboratory partnership business for healthcare professionals.

Hospital Mamlands ( Nursing Home & Clinic )
Ahmed Mahfuz Amin
House No – 43; Road No - 01,
Dhap, Jail Road, Medical more, Rangpur, Bangladesh

healthcare equipment lab 

Investment Group

Investment Notification.
I represent a group of Arabs investors who wished to invest significant funds into big projects, in a stable economy.
Due to political instability and insecurity in their country, these private investors currently reside in my country.
Meanwhile, below are areas in which these private investors really want to inject their funds:
1. Real Estate.
2. Renewable Energies.
3. New Technologies Of Information And Communication.
4. Tourism.
5. Air Navigation.
6. Loan
(a) Do you have any big project (s) related to the above mentioned areas?
(b) Does your country accept Arab investors?

If your answer is "YES" for my two questions above, please contact me at (
for more details.
Dr. Richmond Alison.

Seeking Partner with E-banking/Remittance Experience

We are a fully-funded fintech start-up seeking a partner who is experienced with e-banking/remittances to take a lead roll with our e-banking roll out. Looking forward to getting you more details. Regards,

I am a private investor with capital to invest

I am a private investor with capital to invest and i am looking for a
profitable business i can invest into,any one who is interested should
please get in contact.In mind, I am looking for the following lines of
business which are of my primary interest : Hotels, Residential
Villas, Hospitals, Schools, Hyper Markets, Super markets, Retail Chain
Outlets, Shops, Shopping Malls, Restaurants, Coffee Shops,
Construction, Oil and Gas Trading, Commercial, Office Villas, Plots,
Lands For commercial development, Saloon, Fashion Shops, Event Show
Organizations, Mining -Real estate etc.
my contact email below # .Whatsapp Contact:+237 651-895-901 or

germany qatar italy usa canada united state of america  Dubai Abu Dhabi 

looking for a new Market Yohimbe Bark - Strong African Folklore

Yohimbe is an evergreen tree native to western Africa. It has a compound called yohimbine in its bark. The bark is used to make extracts, tablets, and capsules.
In parts of Africa, tea made from yohimbe bark has been used as an aphrodisiac.
Yohimbe is used as a dietary supplement for impotence, athletic performance, weight loss, chest pain, high blood pressure, diabetic neuropathy, and more.
Yohimbine hydrochloride, is a standardized form of yohimbine, is available in the United States as a prescription drug for erectile dysfunction.
We are based in West Africa and looking for new markets around the world to export our product
Contact us if interested.


We ElNour co for imp
Our company is established 1992 based on import of electrical materials to resale in Egyptian Market.
we are interested in a partner Egyptian or Foreigner residence or non residence.

Looking for a US Based Partner

Hi, I'm looking to partner with someone who is living in the United States and is also amazing at selling.

My Messenger Marketing Agency develops amazing chatbots integrated with an omnichannel system providing solutions to restaurants, Shopify stores and online product launches.

I make use of mobile wallet integrations to offer loyalty programs linked to reputation management flows perfect for restaurants and similar business models. Also, there is a chatbot that takes care of order taking with payments and can manage deliveries and curbside pickups.

For product launches, I was part of the Messenger Marketing Experts team that helped Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi earn more than $6.9 million dollars in sales and was marked as the most successful Messenger Marketing campaign to date! Case Studies can be provided.

I need someone who can invest or is smoking hot in sales.

Product prices ranges are between $3,000 - $25,000 or more depending on the size of their required audience.

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