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Investment notification.
I represent a group of investors who wanted to invest significant funds in large projects, in a stable economy.
Due to political instability and insecurity in their country, these private investors currently reside in my country.

please contact us for more information

Let's make it better - FREE MARKETING - read below

My last post was on what I can do for business, but let's step it up
FOR US based business
I will do email, social media, digital marketing for FREE for a full month and all I ask is for commission on sales
If you have good service/ product I will include sales person as well

Requirements in order to work with you:
- Have Facebook or Google ads setup already and a budget of at least $10/ day (so you don't pay me, you use it for ads)
- Have a working business ( no fresh and brand new idea that you think it will work, nope) with products or services that you have sold
- Have a working website that I can see and review
- Send me your website, phone and availability for a meeting

If you qualify send me an email, let's schedule a meeting and I will do a lot of free marketing

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Flower and Property Estate

For all of you business owners that want to get to Angola - Very affordable quality solutions.

First Project Florist
Angola is in the base of booming in terms of agriculture. I am setting up a florist here in Angola and it would be a great honour to find a partner from abroad who would also like to invest in the African waters.

Second Project Property Investment
In the UK there is a scheme of rent to buy. I would like to bring this scheme here in Angola. The idea is to buy houses below the market refurbish and allow people who do not have sufficient funds to pay directly to firstly rent for maximum years then buy.

Please I am looking for these two industries. You can get in contact with me on my email address:

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Business Association with Product from Nepal

The very fundamental need of human being is “Health”. Hence, to encourage a healthy lifestyle and reduce the use of chemicalized medicines and health care tonics, we are here at your service. We want to get involved in promoting Ayurvedic and Herbal products which is much healthier and effective
Everyone in the world despite their profession, age, religion or whatsoever, are using some kind of toxic chemicals they sell in the name of health benefits, beauty products, medical products and so on.
But only Ayurveda has got the solution for all the basic as well as medicinal needs of every human being which is also the most precious gift to us by nature. That is why we at Udikshya are here for. We provide all natural processed powders and cosmetic products such as Neem Powder, Chandan Powder, Reetha, Amala, Multani Mitti. We Offer Home Delivery Services as well. Do reach out to us for your need of everyday life products from us
Contact us at

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Looking for a Partner or Sales Representative

Czeth is a startup consulting company based in the Philippines and our main business are Accounting Managed Services, Payroll Managed Services, Tax Compliance, IT Management and Business Registration. The team behind has an extensive knowledge in local labor law for Accounting and Taxation and Global knowledge in payroll for country such as Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines.

We are open now for a partner that are willing to invest and introduce our business Locally and Globally especially in terms of payroll. Looking forward for a referral of a Global client that willing to outsource their payroll in the Philippines. Our Pricing is guaranteed low with a reliable services that can you surely trust.

Visit us at or call us +639 26 6625177

Thank you!


Looking for Business partners, investors to scale up businesses, selling worldwide, marketing

For all of you business owners that want to get to the USA or EU markets - Very affordable quality solutions. I am a digital marketing expert that has been successfully grown small and mid sized businesses throughout the USA and Europe. Web design and development, search engine optimization (so that you can rank high in google and get organic traffic), digital marketing (Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube). I have a team that's certified and we are official Google Partners for AdWords.
Also available : native speaking English sales , virtual assistants - this way you get Americans to do the job in their country and get better results. Great for cold calling, telemarketing, customer relations, talking to business owners
IT help and anything with software, programming can be done as well
Check out my website for more info
or if you want to talk to me directly, let's schedule an online conference

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investment in

My name is Patrick Fuchshofer and I am the CEO of an innovative Austrian science-based start-up called Strykerlabs. Our growing company focuses on revamping in soccer training on a more professional level and we are already working with top clubs in the Austrian championship such as Lask Linz, Wac,TSV Hartberg & Ried. By this coming winter, we will have nearly every professional club in Austria as our customer.

Therefore, research is very important to us and we have cooperations with several universities and colleges in Graz (TU Graz, KF Graz, FH Joanneum). Currently, we are looking for an investor and therefore a strategic partner, I am referring to a business development investment, of which you find further detailed information in the presentation attached.

I am available to discuss further details also on the phone if you like. You can contact or dial the number +436504861845.

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looking to expand business/partners

We have been in the construction industry in Nepal since 5 years and we would like to expand our ranges of products and services so looking for investors or partnerships in associating with your products in building construction and green energy.

If you have any interest in partnership please email us at We helped numerous companies to build their requirements and worked closely with remote places in Kathmandu valley and China as Prefab Building Construction Consultant and Builder. We provide the following services: Architecture, Planning, Modelling (Infrastructure Projects only), Interiors, CAD Renderings, Furniture design, Structural engineering

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Business partnership

I am looking for reputable foreign investors from around the world to come and partner with me in any field of business that may be of interest to them...The areas of possible investments range from
1.mining of precious and semi-precious minerals
2.mining of Iron Ore,Bauxite,Platinum,,ect.
3.Exploration of oil and gas both on shore and off shore
4.Establishment of large-scale agricultural plantations.
5.Establishment of Agro-based industries.
6.Involvement in the infrastructural development of the country
7.Establishing an operational airline service both for west African region and for international routes
8.Establishing a hospitality industry for the promotion of Tourism
9.Import-Export international trading activities
10.Opening an office in sierra leone for the buying and exports of both gold and diamond
The range and scope of business ventures that are within our reach for mutual exploitation is huge

Looking for investors and business partners

Looking for a business partners in real estate, construction, oil and gas trading, agro processing and general trading. Reach me on whatsapp line +260967524478 or PM here