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Looking for Partners / Investors for Renewable Energy Tech Startup.
We are from Chennai, India. Have developed New Concept Wind Turbine (NCWT) suitable for all sizes (particularly to large size turbines). Concept proof testing has been done with working level models. Because of strong concept basics, Output & Cost gains multi-fold comparing with existing ones. (Larger the size, Higher will be the Output & Cost gains multi-fold). As such, a Trend Setter in Energy Sector. Has 100s of Billions of $ market potential. An Indian & International PCT patents have been filed.
Looking for an Investor / Partner / JV, etc. for my proposed Start-up firm SKI IDEAS.
(waiting for a perfect Partner to register a Pvt. Ltd Co. immediately)

Looking for a business partner
I am the representative a dog food producer company. It is a unique premium type and we would like to expand our sphere of activity all over Europe. Now I am looking for potential partners and agents who are willing to cooperate with us.
If interested, send an email to and I will provide you with details.

Seeking for a Financing Business Partner or a Loan
I am looking for a Financing Business Partner or a provider of Loan or funding for my agribusiness and import/export business of commodities such as rice, sugar, vegetable oil, AGO/petroleum products etc.

My Business is located in Ghana and we have buyers for commodities in Ghana as well as our agribusiness locally. I need a business partner that can provide funding or help raise instruments such as SBLC/BG/LC for then trading and share profit. Alternatively he/she can provide funding as loan at competitive interest rate to expand my business.

You can kindly reach me on or . Cell:+233207575605 (also whatsapp line)


Innovative College Student Services App

We have launched an innovative student services app exclusive to the college students and to the local community in the city. Looking for a sales partner to get the product now into the local market. Sales partner must be local and reside in either Austin Texas or College Station Texas. If this interests you please respond back for more details with your interest and background. thanks.

students  college  sales  partner 

I am a free lance export consultant in India
I have live enquiries for many products from Africa
Now I want to export myself various engineering related products and import food stuff from Africa to resell in India

Hence finance for startup is required minimum. USD 15000 to start on profit sharing basis

Finance Export Import Africa South America 

High profit returns with Mind Capital
High return system within everyone's reach. Finally, a revolunary way to obtain returns from crypto assets with the help of experts. Signing up is free, you only need to be recommended and fill out the registration form. Click on the link below, don't be left out.

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Partner Wanted
Funds are wanted to help me help others.
If you have a humanitarian heart my project may be the ideal opportunity for.
The income you will be able to earn from this endeavor can meet or exceed your expectations.
Please call me and or email me it would be a privilege to share the above details with you.
Jane Greenwood

Seeking a business partner for a Fashion house/brand
I Run a female Fashion brand and I look forward to expanding it. I’ve drafted out a business Plan for the brand and it would be nice to have people who share the same interest on board. I Need a team that will bring my vision of turning this into a multi million company to life. Anyone that has an interest or shares the same goal should please contact me for further discussion and enquiries. I believe with the right business partner, This will become a reality!
Contact: 07030196678


E gaming website
I want someone who have knowledge in online gaming. My business model is similar to Contact me for more information.

Efficient partner for restaurant ownership
I have formed an LLP company in order to operate restaurant in prime location Bangalore. 85% work is completed and looking for a partner with 1.5 cr investment towards 25% ROI. Land and infrastructure for said restaurant is ownership. Intrested parties can contact me.

Concept Restaurant